RECAP of the 2019 Canadian Wheelchair Floorball-Hockey Tournament

The Defending Champions ended up winning the Canadian Wheelchair Floorball Championship for the second year in a row defeating Team Canada Black in double overtime. Next year, I can’t wait to see if we will have our first ever Wheelchair Floorball Dynasty in Canada. The Netherlands ended up in second place, while Team Canada Black finished in third. Top scorers in the tournament were Quin Gieni 14G 4A, Frank Maagdenberg 8G 4A, Kyle Gieni 5G 6A, Riley Molnar 6G 4A, Stephane Blais 6G 2A, Shaun Mills 7G 0A, Tatum Miller 5G 2A, Jurek Golas 3G 2A, Adam Frost 1G 3A, Hilary Brown 2G 1A, Montie Bannick 2A, Philipe Bonnot 1A, Jordan Mitchell 1A, and Suki Sanghera 1A. Top goalies of the tournament were Carol Martin 2-0-1, Philipe Bonnot 1-1-2, and Marjan DeRidder 1-1-2.

A GREAT BIG THANK YOU goes out to all who helped to run this year’s Canadian Wheelchair Floorball Championship. Thanks to all the players for participating this year as well. Special shout out goes to Marjan De Ridder, Frank Maagdenberg, and Mirjam Maagdenberg for putting a Netherlands team together to compete for the championship. And of course this weekend would not have happened if not for our sponsors Floorball Plus+, Remo Nutrients, Murphy Battista LLP, MacDonald’s Home Health Care, and the City of Burnaby.



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